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How to - Artwork Image Size

How to Work out Artwork Image Sizing.

Artwork (The print is only as good as the artwork supplied)

Personalised Product Artwork

Please make sure your images/photos are 300dpi PNG/Jpeg to size or Scalable Vector images Ai/PDF all fonts set to outline.

Images or Pictures on a White Background - The White background will be printed unless you remove it.
If your image is not suitable you will be notified on the personalisation panel (With a red emoji) The Bigger the image the better.


How to work out the DPI of your required image/photo

PNG or Jpeg images 300dpi
Ho to work out the required image size for a specific product image requirement
Example Image size: 130mm x 60mm
25.4mm per inch | DPI = 300 (Dots per inch)


  1. Dimension A. Divide 130 by 25.4 = 5.12 inches.  Then multiply 5.12 x 300 = 1535 pixels
  2. Dimension B. Divide 60 by 25.4 = 2.36 inches. Then multiply 2.36 x 300 = 709 pixels

Your image size needs to be a minimum of 1535px x 709px | Large image can always be reduced.

Other Info.

  • You must have the rights to use any images/logos/photos that you upload to our site.
  • We retain the right to not print any material that we feel is not suitable or breaks copyright law or licensing rules. (Company Logos or Images etc.)